Theo’s Zolgensma Day

A small update to share some good news

Monsieur Theo Frank received his gene therapy on the 8th of December 2021.🧬

We are so grateful that he received his therapy and extremely thankful to the neurology team that helped make it happen for him in 2021.

He has had so many amazing doctors, physios and occupational therapists that helped him recover the last couple of months. Thankfully Theo surprised everyone and recovered faster than many of the doctors had expected.

Thanks everyone for all the support, we will be home just in time for Christmas this year which will be amazing for him to experience leaving the hospital after 3 months and everything will be new and amazing for him. I’m certain he will be spoilt every year but what an amazing Christmas present for him to be able to bring him home again.

Theo before about 30 minutes before reciving his gene therapy

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